“Welcome into our lives…
We are so grateful for the life we share together and we would love to share it with you”
I T   A L L   S T A R T E D   W H E N

July 2013 : we met

June 2014: first date

August 2014: first kiss

September 2014: Virginia moves cities to Evan

September 2014: first wedding photographed together

September 2014:  first “I love you.”

November 2016: engaged

We feel so blessed to live this life. We live to connect with new people, to explore destinations, and to love each other more.

We feel so blessed to live this life. We live to connect with new people, to explore destinations, and to love each other more.

How we see the world 

We want to take photos honestly and we want to live honestly. That’s what memories are all about. A good photographer connects with the people and the environment around them. We don’t fake stories, we don’t set bodies up in the frame. We let life do the work for us as it all unfolds. When looking at our work we hope you can see these values. 


E V E R Y T H I N G    A B O U T   U S



the  mountains

a little mischievous

lord of the rings

type b


james vincent


cooking with wine

quality time

farm girl




the ocean

very mischievous


type a


ben howard

lov… fighter

drinking wine

words of affirmation

city boy


B U C K E T     L I S T

Travel by train, live on the ocean, snorkel in hawaii, watch a sunrise in Myanmar, play in a band again,  roll down saharan sand dunes, watch a space shuttle launch, photograph behind the scenes of a movie, drive on the autobahn, see a Coldplay concert, take a father/son/brother vacation, take a mother/daughter vacation, see a Ben Howard concert, experience a deprivation tank, tell my dad how much I love him, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, see a firefly, climb a mountain in Iceland, defend an elephant from poaching, find my sixth grade teacher and thank him, swim in Moraine Glacier Lake, attend the Nobel Prize ceremonies, write one story for Nat Geo, go to a really big magic show, yell “ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” at the Colosseum, follow Steve McCurry’s foot steps through India, build a blanket fort in a museum and sleep in it, photograph an abandoned villa in Italy, drink coffee in Columbia, join an archeology dig, make grandma’s special pierogies, fly in a water plane, write another book, watch all of Lord of the Rings in a row, get as close to space as I can, eat schnitzel in Austria, and drink one scotch in Scotland for my grandfather.

T H A N K   Y O U

F O R  B E L I E V I N G   I N   O U R   W O R K

And thank you for trusting us to create something that make you feel wild and wonderful things.

We are irresistibly drawn to be photographers. With your love it comes true.

All our love, 

Virginia & Evan