It all started when...

July 2013 : We met

June 2014: First date

August 2014: First wedding photographed

September 2014: Virginia moves cities to Evan

June 2015: First world travel tour

November 2016: Engaged

September 2017: Married

January 2018: Adopted our dog, Nova

Photo by Fer Juaristi

We want to take photos honestly and we want to live honestly. That’s what memories are all about. A good photographer connects with the people and the environment around them. We don’t fake stories, we don’t set bodies up in the frame. We let life do the work for us as it all unfolds. When looking at our work we hope you can see these values.

With over 100 weddings between us, this is our passion. What matters most to us are the people in your lives that have made your story rich and meaningful. We want to collect and curate the emotions of your life. It amazes us that a memory matters as much as breathing. We invite you to join us in this creative process. As we work together we want you to let go of every worry.

Thank you for trusting us to create something wild and wonderful. Thank you for your interest din our We are irresistibly drawn to be photographers.

All our love,

Virginia & Evan

Honeymoon in North Ireland