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An authentic and small wedding experience where the celebration is solely focused on your relationship. With no pressure of other people's experiences, and only executing your own vision. Imagine picking any place in the world to share your vows with one another. You can make the brave choice of eloping with no expectations, no pressure, and no drama. There is nothing more freeing than sharing one of the greatest days of your life with your best friend. This is your day. You should spend it with your person.

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Jemimah & Jacob

I don’t even know where to start. We are so so thankful for you, coming out to Australia, chilling out with us and our mates, taking AMAZING photos, calming me down when I was stressed, and for capturing our day so beautifully. These photos are so legitimately stunning. You are genuinely the best and we both love you a heck of a lot and will miss you so much.

Alyssa & Ethan

Virginia and Evan have a way of making you feel beautiful with every picture that they take. Their skill and ability to work together not only allows for a real connection between the photographer and the person/people being photographed, but it also allows for a natural atmosphere of comfortability and an assurance that these two wonderful, talented, down-to-earth individuals truly do bring out the best and the beautiful in everybody. They have an eye for seeing the beauty in things that would most often be overlooked by others, allowing them to capture real, raw beauty. I would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone as your Banff elopement photographers.

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